These are the questions I get asked most often. Do feel free to get in touch if you have any others.

How would you describe your style?

My preferred style is photo journalistic or fly on the wall. I prefer to stay out of the way and appear fairly unobtrusive during the proceedings, although anyone viewing your photos may be forgiven for thinking that I was in your face all the time.

I do believe that it is really imortant to meet you before the big day and discuss your preferences. I photographed my first wedding in the 1980s - so I have plenty of experience at adapting my style to meet your individual preferences, and lets be honest, there have been a number of trends over the past 30 years. I won't be offended if you present me with someone else's album, or a magazine or a book and show me what you have in mind. In fact I'd encourage it. I'll also bring my camera along to that meeting because its important that I know how you interact with the camera and each other.

How do we book you for our wedding?

Just get in touch and let me know your planned date. I recommend that you do this as soon as possible, especially if you're getting married during the summer as key weekend dates do fill up fast (I do actually have bookings more than a year in advance). This also allows plenty of time to arrange our first meeting before you get into countdown mode. To secure your date I do request a £250 booking fee with the balance payable no later than 14 days before your wedding. There's also a contract we all sign which makes it all official.

Do you take traditional group formal photos?

Like most photographers, and wedding guests, this is my least favourite part of the day. But the short answer is yes. Ultimately the photos are a record of the day and most families expect these, even if the couple themselves don't. I tend not to post these on the site but I understand that they are important to your family so we'll find time to do them during the day (if you want to!). If you're happy for me to do so I may add some variation so that these don't just contain pictures of rows of people.

Will it be you who photographs my wedding?

Yes. I don't farm out work to other photographers. Its me you book and me you get. I do usually use an assistant and if you choose I am happy to use a second photographer. Many websites and magazines suggest that you ask about a second shooter. They don't mention that this second shooter has to be paid. My own experinece is that most couples choose not to pay the extra - although it makes my life a lot easier if you do. If I do use a second shooter it will always be someone I have worked with before and know and trust. How can I do this? I often use photography students or enthusiats as assistants. Those who wish to follow a career in photography often ask if they can act as a second shooter to gain experience (don't worry, I'll always ask your consent if I allow this - and I have very strict rules). That way I get to assess their work and provide guidance long before they get to do it for real.

How long will it be before see our photos?

I don't want you to have to wait any longer than is absolutely necessary to see your photos. However the end results are a record of your day that you will keep for life, and your family may keep them for much longer than that. So I do not offer a 24 hour online preview service because I cannot guarantee to do them justice in that time. I usually aim to review these with you at your convenience once you return from honeymoon. I also like to do this in person as it is really important to me that I see your response to the work. Unlike many phtographers I do not simply choose what I think are the best shots and give you those - it is entirely your choice.

Do you edit all of the photos?

That really depends on what you mean by edit. If I have to spend hours in Photoshop that means I didn't get the photo right in the first place. So I will ensure that the colour balance is correct and there will almost certainly be some cropping - especially with group and impromptu photos. If you chop someone's hat off there is no way to get it back - but if you leave a little space at the edges you can choose to print the photograph in a different format to that of the camera. Of course impromptu shots that may be too good to miss aren't always planned (and never posed) so there is occasionally a need to remove distracting elements. I tend to do very little editing before the initial review but am happy to do so if required for those that you select for the album. I am not a fan of digital manipulation, but I do understand that if you develop a spot the day before your wedding you may not want that to be on record in your album.

Are you insured?

Yes - I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance. If your wedding venue needs to see my certificate of insurance I can send it as a pdf document and I always carry a copy of it in my camera gear bag.